May 29, 2012

my Italian heritage map project

my latest little project...

just three little frames, filled with sections of an Italian map. It was so easy! I don't have a lot of wall space in my open-plan dining room, so,

when I saw this Italian map with it's soft and pretty colors, I became inspired. It was only $4.99 at Aaron Brothers. What a great way to add some more color to the room! 

I then picked out these three 8x8 frames for $7.79 each (so exciting to find out they were on sale.

The details on this simple black frame are great

Since both my parents are Italian, I wanted to honor their provenance.  I used the glass from the frame as a template to cut out the regions that my parents are from.  My father's family was from Venice, and my mother was born in  Molise, which is in central Italy.

The map's colors work out perfectly in my dining room with the pretty blues and greens. What I like best is that this is a fabulous reminder of our Italian heritage!  I am a huge genealogy buff and love researching our family roots.  This is great reminder for my whole family of where we come from.

{total cost of the project: $28.36+tax.}

ciao! fabiana

May 22, 2012

stylish moms

Cute and comfortable, that's the name of the game!  

Jessica Alba looks great in blush colored jeans
and scarf and finishes the look
with a bright orange cross-over bag.

 Cute patterned capris, loafers
and a comfy blazer works for Beyonce.

 Michelle Williams in cute sandals,
a simple floral dress and short trench.

 A little more dressy, but still mommy
friendly - Miranda Kerr in a flirty
skirt with colorful accessories.
Don't forget a cute pair of sunglasses!

ciao! fabiana 
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