January 19, 2017

brass furniture now

Brass furniture, once so pass√©, is looking quite hot these days! Caroline Stanbury’s new home in Dubai is looking sleek and chic. The gold tone of her brass table and chairs gives off a modern vibe, but has the elegant style of the 1970’s, #throwback!      
And this look is turning up in lots of fun stores now too! Jonathan Adler, known for retro-chic style, is featuring brass furnishings like crazy right now! 
Add a little touch of glamour to your home! Maybe you just need a can of metallic gold spray paint to update some of your things! Think out of the box...
Look at this brass bedside table. It’s got ultra-traditional style that’s always a classic.
I say “YES" to these gorgeous barstools! 
This little work space would look wonderful in any room!
So cute!

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ciao! fabiana

January 17, 2017

winter flowers

Aren’t these hanging baskets amazing?! I spotted these yesterday at the entrance of Roger’s Gardens. Pretty deep pink cyclamen and primrose flowers really pop against the green and gray foliage. I've never seen anything like these wooden lantern shaped planters. Roger's always has great new items!   
And what about this mermaid concrete planter? I purchased two similar ones last summer in Laguna Beach and filled them with cascading succulents, but I love how this one’s styled with a bouquet of white flowers. The ranunculus are so charming, spotted in Veranda. And how about your favorite little tea cup filled with English daisies? Treat yourself, or a friend, to something sweet and lovely! xoxo

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ciao,  fabiana

January 16, 2017

black and white curb appeal

White homes with black trim… it’s a look that’s been around for ages, it’s a look that I have blogged about a few times, and today I have a few more of my faves to share with you all, just for fun! Don't you love this idea for different black and white tiles on the front steps? 
The wrought iron details are fab!  
A classic look with a farmhouse fence and gate.
I love the symmetry and those huge palm trees,
and circular driveways are the best! So elegant!
Modern townhouse living with traditional style.
Three stories of fabulousness in this Carolina home,
with tons of outdoor porch space too. 
White painted brick is one of my  all-time favorite looks.
I love how the front steps just draw you in... 
I love the steel framed door paired with this classical pediment.
Story book charm and charming turquoise door.  
This one of my faves! -- My husband's childhood home in Geneva, Illinois. Not only did he grow up in this house, but so did his mother!
Here’s a cute little cottage in my neighborhood. The stonework really works in nicely with the black and white look.
And for all you "black sheep" out there, why not try a black house with white trim! Kind of a fun look, ya think? Well, I hope you’ve all enjoyed a marvelous Monday and MLK Day. The kids were off school today, and we just lounged around a little today, and got some odds and ends done around the house. The fun part for me was that I got plant some winter lettuce and kale in large pots in the yard, and then I ran over to Roger’s Gardens to get a few of my favorite herbs to fill in gaps in my garden; Sage, thyme, mint and lavender. Our lemon tree is practically falling over, full of fruit! And, you know what they say, "When life gives you lemons," well, you can fill in the blank, but in my case, we enjoyed this proverb to it's literal meaning. We made some fresh-squeezed lemonade.  

ciao! fabiana

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January 15, 2017

5 fun things to check out...

Hey everyone!  I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend! I wanted to take a few minutes to share a few things that have got me excited this week. First is the premiere of Victoria on Masterpiece. I’ve heard really great things about this show, and I’m hoping it will help replace Downton Abbey as one of my favorite Sunday night treats. This gorgeously done show tells the real story of a young Princess Victoria, who has grown up in a very sheltered environment. The story begins as she becomes Queen of England, falls in love and soon becomes the most powerful woman in the world! (Here’s a preview.) The details and period costumes look like they're right on par with the stunning production of Downton Abbey. Look for the show on your favorite PBS station.  
And speaking of great things in Britain, if you’re a fan of Ladies of London, then you may have gotten a peek at Dundas Castle on this week’s episode. The ladies plan a little getaway at this magnificent Scottish Castle in Edinburgh. The rooms and the grounds are spectacular, and (again) very Downton Abbey! I know next time I’m in the UK, I will try to plan a side trip to Dundas. As you may have noticed, I’m a bit of an Anglophile, so this gets me really excited. Planning my next rip now…lol!
And now off to DenmarkHygge! I’ve been seeing this word everywhere! Have you? In my head, I kept pronouncing it High-Ghee, but it’s actually Hoo-Guh. Anyways, hygee loosely means comfort in the old Danish language, and it’s basically a word used to express things you can do to comfort yourself, and create a cozy environment. For those cold winter days and nights, think a warm fire, a luxurious blanket, your favorite candles flickering, and a delicious beverage to warm your soul. This is what I thrive for everyday! Coziness, and now we have a whole movement, Hygge!
I’m thrilled to welcome two new sponsors to my blog this year, Brick House Fabrics and Cushy Chic Outdoor Slipcovers and Accessories. Brick House Fabrics offers thousands of different novelty home decorating fabrics by the yard. They import many of their fabrics directly from mills in Europe. I’d love for you to check out their website a browse through their fun selection! Cushy Chic is the perfect one-stop site for recovering outdoor cushions, at budget friendly prices. They’ve developed a special patent-pending technology to create their outdoor fabrics that come in several fun colors. Visit Cushy Chic here. Have a lovely Sunday, and let me know what you think of Victoria, if you get a chance to watch!    

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January 13, 2017

making a succulent wreath

Here’s a fun little weekend project that will be cheery addition to your home this winter. Enjoy it in your home and then, come Spring, hang it on your door or in the garden. If you live in a warm weather area, you can just supplement store-bought succulents with a few cuttings of your favorite garden succulents. Most of the plants used are in a pretty rosette shape, with trailing ones used to fill in the gaps. 

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ciao,  fabiana 

January 12, 2017

here's one for the books

A collection of books is like an old friend. Surrounding ourselves with our favorite books can be quite comforting. They take us to faraway lands and distant times and not only that, but they can enrich our lives. Books are a beautiful thing, whether we’re reading them or just enjoying their beauty artfully displayed in our homes.
“A room without books is like a body without 
a soul.”  Marcus Tullius Cicero
There are many little ways to enlarge your
child's world. Love of books is the best of all.
--Jackie Kennedy
“Books are the perfect entertainment: no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for each dollar spent. What I wonder is why everybody doesn't carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life.” 
Stephen King
“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” 
Ernest Hemingway
“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: 
this is the ideal life.”  Mark Twain

photos via Chatelaine & Woman's Day

ciao! fabiana

January 11, 2017

pretty grays for the home

These days, I’m loving gray more and more. For the home, this “color” is quite versatile, and it always has an elegant vibe. Whether it’s paired with bright pops of color, or neutral tones, gray is always a winner.      
Gray, gray and more gray. With white trim, this whole look is crisp and fresh. Add a fun accent pillow and you're all set!  
Gray is equally perfect in fancy rooms and in casual spaces. 

Doesn’t this lavender-gray shade look great with bright, shiny  brass? 
Cream, white and gray. This color scheme is pretty fabulous too!   
Lots of white and lots of gray.
Gray makes any color looks neat and orderly.
This mud room will always look great with gray as a background. 
And so lovely with carrara marble.
With an infinite number of shades,
elegant gray is ultimately the perfect
combination of black and white.
Gray beadboard on the ceiling looks perfect in this all white kitchen, with chrome, carrara marble and natural wood finishes. 
Another gorgeous combination of finishes in this kitchen.
This details in this kitchen are gorgeous, yet amazingly simple! 
Similar, lovely details in this kitchen and this bath.
Carrara marble backsplash and wainscotting,
white floors, gray walls, bright white trim.
The formula works!
The juxtaposition of rustic and modern work together 
once again.

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do something amazing today! 
ciao,  fabiana
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